Noise of Cologne

"Noise of Cologne" is a CD compilation series presenting a new breed of Cologne noise musicians and sound artists. Over the last decades, Cologne has given birth to many "schools" of electronic music, starting of course with the WDR Studio for Electronic Music where K.-H. Stockhausen created his influential works, the minimal house sounds of the KOMPAKT label or the crowd gathering around the a-Musik and Mouse on Mars labels.

"Noise of Cologne 1" presents 17 pieces and sound miniatures by artists living in or around Cologne, including a piece by me. It's not adding another "school" to the existing list - the participating artists actually are very different and independent from each other. See Joachim Ody's booklet liner notes for more on that topic.

The project came to life when Hermann-Christoph Müller, then freshly installed new head of the music department in the Cultural Office, the "Kulturamt", of Cologne, invited sound artists to a round table. His goal, I suppose, was get to know the electronic musicians at his new place of work and to make sure, that the Kulturamt's funding money is distributed in a useful way.

One of the results of these meetings was the concert series Reihe M and the idea to collect a CD of works by this disparate bunch of musicians showing up at the table - the Noise of Cologne. These included both "academic" musicians, composers like Michael Beil working and teching at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, alumni of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, or internationally reknowned sound artists like Hans W. Koch or Marcus Schmickler. Frank Dommert of a-Musik/Sonig selected the content for Noise of Cologne and oversaw the production process. (He also shot the nice booklet pictures of discplaced places in Cologne, perfectly illustrating the often disparate sounds digitized on the CD.)

Actually I have no real clue how I found my way onto this CD or even to the round table that started it some years ago. I am not really that active in the Cologne music scene directly. Of course I know a lot of the participants, but in general my musical collaborations happen through the internets and are not specifically located in a physical town. My work at RjDj is just the latest example, but as can be seen in my working with GOTO10 or inside the global Pure Data network, virtual cities have always been more important.

So, for the virtual cities, here's my track "Beauty", no. 3 on the CD, as a preview Ogg file:

Anyway this actually is my first release in hardware and I'm pretty proud of it appearing next to the wonderful work of really great artists. "Noise of Cologne 1" will be available in October 2010, distribution is handled by a-Musik.

Update: "Noise of Cologne" now has a website at:

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