Sorry for Cross-Checking ... my new Surly!

Here's my new bicycle, a Surly Cross Check intended for commuting to work. That's why it only needs one gear (flat area around here), fenders (sometimes rainy), fat Kojak slicks (comfortable on cobblestone) and leather grips (good looks). Other than that the components are low to mid end Taiwanese bike parts. I've built this bike myself with lots of help from my man Jens Massel (known in music cirlces as Senking on rasternoton, among other project names. Buy his stuff, it rocks), while bottom bracket and headset was mounted by Peter of Schaltwerk cycle shop fame.

Surly at bench no. 7

The bench in the background is my morning rest place where I like to take a little break if time allows on my way to work and watch boats on the river, people jogging and dog owners with their pets.

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