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With the recent server move I had to find a new place to manage my code (mostly Pd things) which was previously hosted on a semi-private subversion repository on this site. As I lost access to a big part of this repo's history (don't ask how and why, it's a bit embarrassing), I wanted to use a more distributed versioning system. So no more svn.

So I evaluated some of the popular alternatives. At RjDj we use Bazaar internally, so this was my first software to look at. While bzr is very nice and comfortable, it also has a lot of dependencies on a Debian system. Probably some Ubuntu issue, but why does apt want to make me install libpango or libthai just for a versioning software? [1] At the LAC2010 IOhannes zmoelnig at some point joked that everyone should use git and the world would be an easier place. As I think a great deal of IOhannes, it was clear that git deserved a close look as well. To my great relief, dependencies for git-core on Debian are absolueley minimal. It's fast even on this small VHost that powers and it is distributed. Getting to grips with git was very easy, so I started to use it to convert my old SVN stuff.

And then I "discovered" github. Of course I knew it as the home of several other projects already, but I'm always a bit reluctant to let others host important stuff. Call me a control freak. But as git is distributed, hosting stuff on github is not like giving away control, it's more like an additional backup and an invitation to others to fork and use my code. And decentralization in this way is a good thing.

Currently only the new physigs objects and the older pdx7 are hosted over at github, but you can expect more projects by me to move there.

[1]Update: Chris McCormick pointed out, that I was hit by automatic installation of "recommended" packages here. When I disabled this in aptitude, the added cruft magically disappeared and I could just install bzr without Thai language support.
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